The following is a blog post I wrote on the topic of respectfully writing about people who have cerebral palsy.

The next piece was created by Charisse Hogan who is a young woman who has Cerebral Palsy and Ataxia. This has been shared with her permission:

The following article and short video was developed by teen Tegan Vincent-Cooke to explain her cerebral palsy to her classmates.

When mega special needs blogger Ellen Seidman from Love That Max got into a conversation with a 12 year old about cerebral palsy his interpretation was ingenious! He called it “rebel muscles”Check out the post and how Ellen applies the concept to other disabilities that offers an opportunity for a huge perceptual shift in thinking.

Here is a piece from Easter Seals that I think is an excellent resource: “Myths and Facts About People with Disabilities”.’

Ellen Stumbo, Writer and Mom of two children with special needs, shares a critical piece here about supporting the development of genuine friendships with children who have special needs. Check it out!! 

Still think the “R-word” is harmless? Check out this fantastic blog post from writer and mom Shasta Kearns-Moore who blogs about her experience raising twin boys, one of whom has cerebral palsy. She is candid and thorough in her argument about why there is no excuse for using this word anymore. Check it out!