Watch this video and share in the joy of 9 young adults with cerebral palsy and their accomplishments. Thank you to CP Alliance in Australia and ANZ Bank for supporting this initiative and raising awareness about what people with CP CAN achieve!

Pass on the possibilities!


Handicap This!-A live production about people living with severe handicaps with a message of possibilities

Including Samuel

King Gimp

Door to Door

My Left Foot

News articles/videos about people

Dr. Jan Brunstrom, a St. Louis doctor, runs a cerebral palsy clinic and has CP herself

Michael Kutcher talks about twin brother Ashton, life with cerebral palsy

An incredible article about a young woman with cerebral palsy and how she has negotiated challenges and recently became prom queen

Jack Caroll who has CP wows judges on Britain’s Got Talent

Dad races in nearly 1100  events with son who has CP

A Reason to Move-Cerebral Palsy Parkour

After years and many surgeries, Mary Ann MacNair’s soccer dreams are finally coming true

Dad of son with CP builds a skating rink in his back yard to raise money for children’s charities

Meet Charisse and hear her story about living with CP and ataxia. She is an extraordinary young woman

A nine year old with CP and autism wins her schools spelling bee

“Stop staring and start learning”, a news story about Lizzie Velasquez who was born with a rare medical condition

TED Talk with Janine Shepherd: A broken Body isn’t a broken person

A doctor’s calling: From cerebral palsy to casualty consultant

Seahawks fan Steve Harper has CP and remembers childhood visit from Jim Zorn

After losing his leg this amazing professional athlete changes sports

Toddler gets to use her arms thanks to 3-D printed medical exoskeleton

Team Maddy-This family completes in triathlons with daughter Maddy who has CP

An older brother competes in triathlon with his sibling who has CP

This young boy with CP has some incredible determination

Founder and board member of UCP passes away-read her inspiring story

Artist with CP from Baltimore, Maryland is honored

Ashton Kutcher’s twin brother has CP

Adapting bikes for the disabled

Eleven year old Natalie Davis improves walking with Locomat

Parent of a child with CP bikes 1900 mile to raise awareness

Arkansas player with cerebral palsy scores on the football field

Actor with CP discovers relief with the help of dance choreographer

Mother of child with CP develops line of shoes for afo users


Blind student makes Denver area navigable for all

“Dan Keplinger was born with severe cerebral palsy. But at 30, he’s already a successful artist, the subject of an Oscar-winning film called King Gimp, and he’s finishing his second college degree. NPR’s Neda Ulaby visited Keplinger at his home near Baltimore, Md., and reports that the artist continues to gain critical acclaim — and continues to challenge the limits his disability puts on his own body”.  Excerpt taken from NPR and is by Neda Ulaby.

Television news

Chord blood transplant success story

Your inspirational stories

Stephen Wampler-An adult with CP who set out to climb the biggest rock face in the world. Here is a trailer to the movie is hoping to make about his climb.