Facilities offering lifespan care to pediatric & adult populations with cerebral palsy:

East Coast of United States: The Weinberg Family Cerebral Palsy 

Midwest Facility: Gillette Children’s Hospital-Minnesota

West Coast of United States: Rady Children’s Hospital’s Southern California Cerebral Palsy Center

Pediatric CP Care Facilities (some exceptions for adult care):

 Cincinnati Children’s Hospital -Cincinnati, Ohio: Cincinnati Children’s Hospital  has a multi-disciplinary CP clinic and program run by Dr. Vargus-Adams and Dr. Doug Kinnett called the Cerebral Palsy Program. Their speciaity clinics provides “arena style” practice. This means their MD’s, OT/PT specialists, CP social worker and nutritionist are in the room with the family at the same time. They also have outpatient therapy programs, etc. You may find them on facebook as well. Sean Jameson their CP Program Coordinator shared the following with us in April of 2013: If our team has seen the patient as a child, young adult we will continue to follow-them through adulthood as needed as well as our OT/PT and therapy programs. One of Doctors will see adult patients regardless of whether they were seen as a child or not.